Integrating scientific inquiry into science education

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ntegrating scientific inquiry into science education is one of the great deal of Stem Education. What is the purpose of science education, especially in upper primary and secondary school? In the past, a key focus of science education is equipping students with the necessary knowledge if they were to take up a technical job in the future, or pursue further education in the sciences. In many ways, this is still an important focus for science education around the world; in Singapore, industrial application of science is weaved into the syllabus itself, with topics like chemical equilibrium being linked to industrial processes like the Haber Process, and entire topics like practical electricity being focused on science in our daily life.

Gamification in STEM education

Who are Bestys?

“Why are we learning about acids and bases?” my student once asked me. “Well,” I said with confidence, “the chemistry of acids and bases underlie many important industrial and commercial applications…” “No, how will I use it in my life,”…