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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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How to participate to the competitions?

It is easy. Just click on "Enroll Now" button on the front page or on your header menu. Provide information required and prepare for the competition as described. For more info, please visit the "Application" page in your footer menu.

What is the syllabus for competitions?

We use general standard school syllabuses. Questions you will receive in our competitions covered by your courses you take in your school.

How many questions are there in the competitions?

There will be 40 questions in total for each competition.

How much time do I have to complete my session?

Each student has 24 hours maximum to finalize the competition. The suggested time duration is only 2 hours though.

Where will the exams take place?

The exams will be online. You can take the exams from your home. You can chose the best place to take the exam at your ease. We suggest a good stable internet connection and other resources you may need at your reach.

When will the exams start?

All five competitions are open during the entire four days period between given competition dates.

Participating student/s can start any competition at any time during this period. The timer starts only after the participant presses the Start button and finishes only when the student presses the Finish button or the 24 h timer runs out.

What resources can I use ?

Participants are encouraged to look up information online, watch videos to better understand related concepts, read articles, use personal notes and so on - whatever resources are available to find the correct answer.

Should I consider question orders ?

No, participants can take part in the competitions in any order during the competition period.

Does time I spend will be counted?

The total time taken is used as a time management metric and affects the score used for determining ranks and awards. Therefore, completing the exam within recommended time is important for winning an award. However, the time taken does not affect the topical mastery and skill-based metrics.

Stemco Singapore based International Olympiad style competitions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science